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01. Dec - 11. Dec
Počúvadlianske jazero, 969 01
Banská Štiavnica, Slovenská republika

The Erasmus+ training course took place in Pocuvadlianske Jazero, Slovakia between 1-11th December, 2017 and united 32 youth workers coming from 8 countries: Slovakia, Romania, France, Latvia, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania and Bulgaria for one mutual goal – to improve their skills of using digital graphic facilitation in their youth work.

The Erasmus+ project “Animated Education” consisted on using software and projection screens in performing the graphical facilitation. There are numerous advantages in using graphical facilitation digitally, among the most important one being: the reuse of the visual elements that compose the visual vocabulary, the ease of showing relations between the visual elements, the low cost compared to the materials of hard copy graphical facilitation, capacity to be promoted in the online/offline environment.

Objectives of the project were to develop practical skill and competence on how to apply digital graphical facilitation techniques and methods in youth work activities, increasing the capacity of organizing trainings, events and other youth activities using digital graphical facilitation methods and techniques.

During the project 32 youth workers learned: the introduction to visual thinking, basic principles and elements in graphical facilitation, visual vocabulary and storytelling, basics drawings in Adobe Illustrator, basics animations in Adobe After Effects. The participants also had a chance to interact with the local community of the surroundings of Pocuvadliankse Jaero as well as Banska Stiavnica where the study visit took place. The beauty of these two mesmerizing cities astonished the participants as Banska Stiavnica has beautiful sights and is historically rich city as well as Pocuvadlianske Jazero with it’s beautiful scenery and well missed nature.

During the project the youth workers showed a great expertise in the topic and even though fore most of the participants it was the first time when they were using Adobe Illustrator and special drawing tablets. They were already very creative themselves so they had no trouble of making any illustrations and even decided to stay after the sessions were over just to have some joy of making various illustrations using the technology we provided. This just proves that the goal of the project was not only reached but even more. The spirit and motivation of the participants kept high during the whole length of the project making this training course a very positive and interactive experience for all.

The baggage of knowledge of people participating in this project rose each and every day as they used the knowledge provided in practice. They created amazing illustration while preparing visual vocabulary that they are going to use in their further youth work, also logos for their groups and illustrations of the project activities.

Moreover, it was a major opportunity for everybody of the youth workers to chance to share the non-formal learning techniques and methods, find partners for further collaborations and get new knowledge of good practices in the participating countries. As it was almost Christmas time, everyone was super happy and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of snowy mountains.

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