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Intercultural Art & Music

Our goal is to organise an Erasmus+ youth exchange between 22nd October – 02nd November 2018 in Počuvadlo, Slovakia for 50 participants from 5 countries with the aim to develop intercultural dialogue through music and art as communication tools.

Project Summary

  • • Type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

  • • Topic: Art, Music

  • • Location: Počuvadlo, Slovakia

  • • Dates: 22nd October– 02nd November 2018 (22nd October and 02nd November are travel

  • • Countries: Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia

  • • Participants: 10 participants and 2 group leaders per country

  • • Target group: young participants aged 18-23

  • • Working language: English

Project Overview

This Erasmus+ youth exchange “Intercultural Art & Music” will introduce the topic of art and music as a way of communication with each other. 50 youngsters from Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Spain and Estonia will work together for 10 days to discover the meaning and importance of intercultural dialogue through art and music. This YE will take place in Počuvadlo, Slovakia between 22nd October– 02nd November 2018 in order to promote the connection between art and interculturalism when working within intercultural environment. We wish to raise awareness about intercultural problems in 5 different countries and change attitudes towards people of different religion, ethnic or nationality without a fear of communicating or co-operating.

What you will learn:

  • To develop intercultural dialogue through music and art

  • To discover music and art as means of intercultural communication

  • To get knowledge about interculturalism and get to know different cultures

Accommodation and Venue:

The host organization will provide and cover the accommodation and food. Our project will take place at heart of Štiavnicke hills with beautiful scenery, near
Počúvadlianske jazero lake. The project will be held at the Penzion pod Sitnom. Accommodation will be arranged for 3-6 persons/room, grouped by gender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day. Rooms have their own bathrooms. There is a free Internet wireless connection available. There is also a very limited wireless internet in the public area, the speed might be very slow in comparison to your normal internet in your country. You can check out the accommodation here: 

Please be prepared that you won’t get a proper internet access for the whole program.

Travel Information

The hotel itself is not accessible by any public transport so the participants from Lithuania, Spain and Estonia must arrive to Budapest airport where we will organize pickup by bus. We will provide transportation for all participants. We will cover and provide bus transportation for participants from Slovakia and Romania and air and bus transportation for participants from Lithuania, Spain and Estonia. Participants from one country must travel together with their group leaders in the same flight/bus.

General Information

Weather conditions: the average temperature in October is between 4 and 16 0C and in November between 2 and 8 0C during the day. Please check for more updated information about the weather.
Dress Code: Casual comfortable sport wear, warm winter clothes, shoes for indoor and outdoor activities.
Cultural night: participants from each country are expected to prepare a 10-15min program to present their culture (culture, customs, music, dance, etc.) and to bring some typical local drinks and foods.
Meals: three meals and two coffee breaks per day will be provided. We will take into account all the participants’ dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerances and preferences. We will alsohave vegetarian menu (please note that Slovakia is not a vegetarian friendly country and the cooks might not be able to provide all kind of vegetarian dishes).
Dietary/Special requirements: please inform us as soon as possible if any participant have any dietary requirements or any other special requests.
Health and travel insurance: the participants are required by Erasmus+ program to have a valid European health insurance card and a valid travel insurance for the period of the projects including the travel dates.
Internet: unfortunately, in Slovakia the internet services are not highly reliable, at the location, there is limited access to the internet (Wi-Fi).
What to bring: towel, slippers and good mood.

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