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14. Apr - 23. Apr
Počúvadlianske jazero, 969 01
Banská Štiavnica, Slovenská republika

The participants have come from five different countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. The project took place between 14th and 23rd April, 2018 in the middle of a scortching summer. The students are staying in a lodging provided by Erasmus+ where they are also participating in the workshops.

During the time there everybody was learning different aspects about multimedia. The sessions have been facilitated by Ognjene Stambolovicu and Alice Merk. Ognjene was in charge for the multimedia workshops and introduced the students into the basics of photography and videography while Alice took care of entrepreneurship.

At the start of the course, we began learning about photography, the different aspects of taking pictures, how to use cameras and how to edit photos. The people gathered into groups to take pictures together and later edit them and present them to everybody.

Between each multimedia sessions we had several entrepreneurship lessons. In those sessions we had to be as creative as we could and to come up with an idea to start up our own fictional business. We filled the basics of a business plan, presented it to each other to comment on how well our ideas held up. We also talked about what skills entrepreneurs need to succeed and how to get them ourselves.

Later on we had to combine our business idea with multimedia and create a video that describes and promotes our business. For that we were taught the basics of shooting and editing videos in Adobe Premiere which we made in a day and later presented in front of everyone.

Couple days later we were introduced to different equipment and were taught how to use them properly. For example how to fly and use a drone, the basics of tripods, sliders, different camera lenses and monopods.

Also we were introduced to the basics of Adobe Photoshop by two participants from Lithuania, Skaiste and Milda who showed us a couple of examples of their own work and how to use the program.

Asides from the serious learning we took part in group activities that helped us to connect and to make our stay more comfortable. The first couple days were dedicated to bonding, learning each others names and just having fun.

Between sessions we had energizers which were fun little party games to get the motivation that we needed to stay focused on our session and at the end of every day we also had different parties.

Sometimes we had thematic parties like a talent show where everybody did their best to impress others and show off their skills. Other times we just had cozy parties to let ourselves dance and listen to music.

Among the parties we also had intercultural nights where the participants tried to teach others a bit about their culture and their country and provided everybody with their national food and drink. Some even went far enough to entertain us with a dance or a song.

While staying in a building with people from four different countries might be a bit difficult regarding the communication, it also gives us the opportunity to learn more about where they came from, their background and their languages.

To break the monotomy of staying in the same place for 10 days straight and to learn more about the country that we are living in at the moment, we were transported to a nearby city, Banska Stiavnica. There we visited a local mine and participated in a treasure hunt that gave us the opportunity to visit the popular landmarks in the city. The impressive architecture of the city and the magnificent streets left a mark in the eyes of the students.

We also got to visit a mini zoo and went on a hike on top of a hill to see the mountainous landscape around us.

The whole experience has helped us discover more about ourselves and each other. The course gave us friends that will last for life and encouraged many to travel and participate in more similar projects and have similar experiences.

We had the occasion to hear many life stories and to learn a lot about other people’s lives and experiences.

Overall, the whole youth exchange was a meaningful experience for the participants that will stay in their minds for years to come. Not only was it worth it for the studying but also to meet new friends and learn how to come out of your comfort zone.

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